Terms & Conditions

The parties agree as follows:

Products and Services:
The products and services covered by this Agreement are listed in Exhibit A (herein referred to as

Referral Partner Responsibilities & Expectations:
  • Introduce prospective Customers to ARX sales team via email, webform, or any other mutually agreeable format.
  • Referral Partner will only pursue prospects that Company is not currently engaging with.
Term of Agreement:
This Agreement shall continue in perpetuity. Either party reserves the right to terminate this
Agreement with a written 30-day notice of termination.

The Referral Partner shall earn commissions on all Products listed in Exhibit A. The Referral Partner
will be paid commissions upon successful product fulfillment. 
A successful product fulfillment is defined as:
  • Any time a new ARX Customer signs an ARX purchase agreement and
  • Pays their deposit, shipping costs, all other associated fees (if applicable), and
  • Product(s) are delivered and installed, and
  • Customer is satisfied with the installation, and 
  • Company receives all funds due.
Conditions of Earnable Commissions:
Referral Partner shall earn commission payments in the amounts specified in Exhibit B below in
exchange for successful fulfillment of purchase or rental agreements. Said commissions shall only
be deemed earned if Referral Partner’s referred Customer was made aware of Company’s Products
or Services by the Referral Partner, and the Referral Partner can provide a reliable record of said
referral through a written copy of their correspondence.

This agreement can in no way be assigned to another Referral Partner or person whatsoever.
Assignment will not be considered in any case.

Employment Status:
Referral and Affilate partners are not Employees of ARX fit and will be responsible for reporting their own taxes.

Exhibit A – ARX Products
Company offers a purchase for its proprietary technology, known as ARX
(adaptive resistance exercise).

Referral Partner/Affilate reserves the right to earn commissions upon sale fulfillment of any of the following Products. Other Products and Services will be considered as amendments to this list with a written request from Referral Partner.
  • Purchase of an ARX Omni or ARX Alpha
Exhibit B – Referral Partner Commission Schedule
  • Referral Partner will earn commission on all Products and Services as scheduled and listed below:
  • Referral Partner Commissions - Purchase  of an ARX Omni Or Alpha:
  • 3% of total sale value excluding taxes and shipping to be paid upon successful product fulfillment as described above.
  • Immediately following successful product fulfillment, Company will send commissions to Referral Referral Partner via selected payment method.